Help Red Panda to reach the yummy bamboo tree!

Remember, you can't tell them what to do again. Red Panda don't like being told what to do again, just like us.

Oh, no! Did Red Panda got tired of your stuff? Press Enter! Red Panda will resurrect from unknown void and will listen to you again! I do that too in real life when I get tired of people. Funny isn't it?




  • PineappleOnPizza - Color palette
    • Rosy-42 - Included in Aseprite.
  • NewfolderGames
    • All pixel arts.
    • All animations.


  • NewfolderGames
    • Using Unity Engine.

Side note

Thank you, GMTK, for making me an opportunity to finally wake up and do something, lol!

I couldn't add more movement options and stages since I spend a lot of time fixing movement.

WebGL one runs like presentation slides on Firefox for some reason? Only slow on my machine.

Here is the source code!

Not much to look at, though.


Download 19 MB


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Hey, just wanted to weigh in and say this is really good and it looks very promising! Congratulations for releasing not only a cute, functional first game (big step, yay!), but also an interesting original concept! As other said, this could become a great full-fledged puzzle-platformer if you want to keep working on it. Cheers!

I played your game and fun. 

(Skip to 8:03)

Thank you so much for leaving me feedback! It means so much to me. This is my first time releasing something that I consider ""playable and working"" on public. I didn't expect getting this much feedback and play counts, to be honest...

I released the source code on my github (link is on the 'side note' section). There are not much stuff to salvage in the repo, but feel free to use my arts and scripts. Don't use the code, it's awful.

I'm planning to remake and expend the concept further using feedback you lovely people left. Not sure when, though.

Great game! The graphics, animations, and sound effects come together perfectly for an adorable aesthetic. Love the panda <3. With more levels it could totally sell on steam if you want to go that far. If you want you could put levels where certain actions have 2 or 3 uses so the puzzles can get complex. Also key binding would be cool. I like to play with one arm and relax my other hand if I can when playing games, and restart on enter means I need to move one my hands. I know... I'm lazy xd.

On Firefox myself - it seems to work? Anyway, it's a nice little game this!

very nice, it could continued as a reaally good full game in my opinio

Awesome, well done! I even managed to complete the last "end level".

Hey, Out of Keys made it on my GMTK Game Jam 2019 Best Of video:  

Keep up the great work!


It fits the theme perfectly, best game from this jam so far ツツ

cute game, very fun!

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cute game 5/5, Nice Tutorial

Great game! Very cute, fun gameplay. Restart key could also have been one of the keys.